Jean-Jacques Gohier

Out of a love of architecture and ancient stonework, retired craftsman Jean-Jacques chose to take up residence alongside the many booksellers and artist craftsmen in the pretty book town of Bécherel.
This self-taught stained glass artist creates unique pieces of handcrafted art. His passion for quality workmanship and aesthetic appeal, as well as creativity and innovation, are all values he loves to share with others.
Visitors to Bécherel will be delighted to discover the town’s stunning views, old winding streets and fantastic restaurants. And what better way to top things off than a chance encounter with a local artist, bookseller, sculptor, musician, ceramic artist, bookbinder, calligrapher, or maybe even a certain stained glass artist…
Jean-Jacques loves meeting and sharing the secrets of his craft with interested visitors in his charming and characterful home town of books.

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