A Greeter is a local resident who wants to share his vision of the city. He will introduce you to his areas of interest and favourite places… In two words: his “own Rennes”.

The greeter is open to other cultures, to people of all ages and backgrounds. A Greeter is not a guide. He is a volunteer who wants to share his knowledge of the city in a unique and authentic way based on discussions, exchange and conviviality.

In order to allow the Tourist Office of Rennes to best match visitors’ demand with the available Greeter, a form is to be completed online for each visit request. A meeting point will be fixed afterwards for the Greeting.

To know a little more about the Greeter concept, please take a few minutes to read the Greeters’ Charter.

[button style=”large” link=”http://www.rennes-greeters.com/en/visit-rennes-meet-greeter/” ]Sign online[/button]

[button style=”large” link=”http://www.rennes-greeters.com/en/files/2012/07/rennes-greeters-charter.pdf” ]Read the Greeter’s charter[/button]

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